Photoshoot JP

Jean Paul Witteman


Welcome to my website. Because of the privacy of customers, not all photos are public. Feel free to contact me for a complete portfolio, information or reportage. Note: For various projects I am always looking for TFP (Time For Print) models. Feel free to make a phone call for more information.

My name is Jean Paul Witteman, 53 years old, 24 years married to Linda and together we have a daughter of 18. As a high sensitive person, photographing is the ultimate method of awareness and to stand still and enjoy 'the moment'. In addition, it is also a way for me to show the world from my point of view. I experience our capitalist society as madness. "If you broaden it as someone else you do not build a higher fence but a longer table"! So I am a great fan of the Brazilian Ricardo Semler. The philosophy of this man is more than fantastic. Working with each other on the condition of love, equivalence and respect. I have a strong urge to capture the seamy side of society, which has to do with my spirited (hard) youth. Wanderers, homeless people, pouce & pimps, old people and poverty. However, these target groups are hard to capture. Street photography is a nice method, it often tells the story of 'real life'. There is often also the unpolished and disarming contact. I love it and it is very great to do.

Something awesome in the works.

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